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Designed to combine the rich, natural beauty of wood with the unmatched resilience of plastic, these panels offer a modern, sophisticated touch that’s easy to maintain and perfect for any interior space. Whether you’re upgrading your home or enhancing your commercial space, our fluted panels promise to deliver exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal that lasts ! W.a: +8619817731588

What colors we offer

The most popular colors which we have produced for our customers in the past years


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m


160 x 24 mm x 2.9m

Why us

Does WPC panel Water-proof ?

WPC wall panels are water-proof, ensuring they perform well in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens

What people say

The fluted WPC wall panels we installed in our office lobby have completely transformed the space. They add a modern touch while being incredibly easy to maintain. We couldn't be happier with the quality and durability – they look just as good as real wood !
Hans Müller, Berlin
We chose the fluted WPC panels for our new kitchen renovation, and they have exceeded our expectations. The panels not only provide a sleek and contemporary look but also stand up well to moisture and daily wear. A perfect blend of style and practicality!
Jessica Smith, Malaysia
Using fluted WPC wall panels in our restaurant has been a game-changer. The installation was straightforward, and the panels are robust and resistant to the humid environment of our coastal location. Our customers frequently compliment the chic design !
Liam Johnson, Honduras


Most frequent questions and answers

The best-selling colors for Fluted WPC Wall Panels are typically neutral tones like oak, walnut, and shades of grey, which complement a wide range of interior styles. These versatile colors are favored for their timeless appeal and ability to enhance both modern and traditional decor.

Yes, WPC wall panels are highly water-resistant, making them ideal for areas exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Their composition of wood fibers and plastic polymers ensures they can withstand water without warping, swelling, or deteriorating.

To judge the quality of a WPC panel, check for a consistent, dense composition without visible gaps or air pockets, and ensure the surface finish is smooth and uniform. High-quality WPC panels should also demonstrate strong water resistance andverifying their durability and performance standards.

A 40-foot high-cube container (1×40 HQ) can typically load approximately 8,000 to 11,000 pieces of WPC wall panels, depending on their size and thickness. The exact number varies based on the panel dimensions and how efficiently they are packed and stacked within the container.

Haining factories are known for high-quality, decorative WPC wall panels with advanced designs, while Shandong factories offer more competitive pricing, focusing on large-scale production and a wider range of building materials. Haining benefits from its proximity to export hubs like Shanghai, whereas Shandong excels in mass production and broad distribution capabilities.

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