How to Purchase the Right Luxury Vinyl Flooring ?

Everyone wants to remodel their home and looks for a cost-effective and easy to install option. 

A vinyl flooring is the most popular option for every homeowner who looks for affordable, durable, and attractive flooring. Vinyl flooring is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living rooms, and high traffic places. So, renovate your home with vinyl flooring because it is an advanced, water-resistant, and reliable option over the years.

Actually, many people want to know what vinyl Flooring is? And more deeply about vinyl flooring types. So, you are in the right place to read our How to buy the right Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring guide and learn more about vinyl types, features, and much more.

What Is Vinyl Flooring?

Basically, vinyl flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride plastic material (PVC). It’s a synthetic flooring option created by pressing the small Pieces of colored PVC and through heating and then passing by pressing processes that make it in the form of thin layers.

After this process, they adhere to the form of planks, tiles, and flexible sheets and in many versatile forms such as stone, wooden, etc. A more stylish and fine-quality vinyl flooring is also known as luxury vinyl flooring.

Main Types of Vinyl Flooring

Here are some types of vinyl flooring that are

  • Vinyl Sheets
  • Vinyl Tiles
  • Vinyl Planks

Vinyl flooring comes with several design styles and has classifications of flooring according to design. They also have different types of installation methods that we will discuss in another article.

Vinyl Plank:

This type of vinyl flooring narrow interlock panel design that looks similar to hardwood. Vinyl plank comes with several attractive designs that are easy to install and affordable in price. Plus, it has many options such as peel and sticks vinyl planks, rigid core, and even luxury vinyl planks.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Ample variety in wood, marble, stone, decorative tile, parquet, and concrete.
  • Water-proof
  • Offer vinyl plank flooring smooth finish appearance
  • Easy to clean & maintain

Vinyl Sheets

It is also known as panel flooring. If you want a floor that looks nearly like real wooden slats or ceramic, choose vinyl sheets. This is best for all places and excellently deals with moisture. It’s effortless to install and requires low maintenance.


  • Touch to hardwood feels
  • Numerous design, textures Color, and style
  • Varies in size (width-length)
  • Suitable for any room
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean and waterproof

Vinyl Tiles:

This is also available in an interlocking style. It’s more reliable and has ceramic or stone looks, which makes it costly. A luxurious Vinyl tile is tough to install, but after installation, it will last for years. That is why a fine quality and costly vinyl flooring that gives a luxurious look to your place is called a luxury vinyl tile.

The Styles Of Luxurious Vinyl Tiles

  • Wooden
  • Ceramic & porcelain
  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Slate


  • Real 3D looks technology
  • Stone and Ceramics looks
  • Best Bathroom and kitchen floor tiles
  • Provide feelings of warmth and comfort
  • Good waterproofing characteristics
  • Homeowner favorite choice
  • Easy peel and stick installation process
  • Easy to care

Vinyl Flooring Versus Laminate

A homeowner only chooses vinyl flooring instead of laminate due to its water-resistant and thickness quality, making it durable and reliable and best for all purposes. In fact, it’s the best flooring option for your kitchen, bathroom instead of laminate flooring.

Plus, vinyl flooring has an attractive identity, looks nearly like ceramic, toles, stones, or wood, and has numerous shade and texture varieties.

Features & Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring

A vinyl flooring is one of the most demanding and reliable options for every place in your home because of its hardness and versatility. So, here we enlisted features of vinyl flooring that helps to know How is vinyl flooring helpful?


It’s incredibly durable and resistant to scratching and denting due to its rigid structure and vinyl sheet flooring thickness. That is why it’s an excellent choice for home areas and pets.


Only vinyl flooring has the ability to be water-resistant. It is highly impermeable and deals Ideally with moisture and wet areas. These things make it the best flooring option for the kitchen and bathrooms.

Resistant to Stains

If you have children, pets, and other animals in your home. It’s naturally resistant to stains due to its Water-proof features. You can easily wipe up any dirt.

Moreover, here we recommend vinyl planks flooring because they have an extra layer of polyurethane, which helps to prevent scratches.


It’s easy to clean because it has a resistant quality with the light sweeping through wet cloth removing dirt and debris. That is why it’s mainly used for commercial areas.


Vinyl flooring has different price tags according to types and quality. But it’s more affordable than wooden or other flooring types. It gives high-end looks to your places and has lots of design and styles options that feel like natural wood, marble, or ceramic.

Recommended Usage areas:

Due to its hardness and durability, we recommend it for

Living rooms




Family Rooms

Laundry Rooms

Easy to Install:

Whether you choose any vinyl flooring, you won’t need to hire a professional for installation. Vinyl flooring is DIY-friendly and very easy to install. You can manage your own if you are an expert and have a helpful guide for installation.

What is SPC Flooring?

SPC flooring stands for Stone Plastic Composite. It has unparalleled durability and 100% quality waterproof material. Basically, it’s a type of luxury vinyl plank and has advanced technology 3D features. Your floor appears to mimic natural wood and stone beautifully. SPC is a budget-friendly choice for every homeowner who looks for ideal flooring in high-traffic and commercial environments.

SPC’s rigid core flooring gives superior indentation resistance and can be stable in wide temperature ranges. 

SPC Manufacturing And Structure

As its name implies, SPC is Stone Polymer Composite, also known as the ultra-tough core of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. Rigid SPC can easily install on uneven subfloors because it’s typically composed of 4 layers.

UV coat layer:

Each SPC flooring has a top UV coat layer that is thin and transparent. This is waterproof and shows the pattern and texture of the floor.

Wear Layer:

It performs bodyguard functionality and helps to protect it from any scratch and dents. The wear layer is thicker and has buff types. Its second top layer and also transparent and controls stains to the floor.

Printed Layer:

This is the identical main layer of vinyl flooring that gives a look to the floor like a stone and wood ceramic material.

SPC Base layer:

The base of SPC is made with a combination of limestone powder and stabilizers. This core makes it highly durable and creates a stable and waterproof core.

Bottom foam or crock:

SPC vinyl floors do not require underlayment. It’s up to you if you want extra softness and smoothness on the floor, then attach foam or cork under the vinyl planks. These are also helpful to reduce sound when you walk on it.

Keep Note:

Before installing any vinyl flooring type, you must remove old flooring, like carpet, sheets, etc. Remove anything and clean the surface, then install vinyl flooring planks.

Where Should You Use SPC?

Here are the used areas where the rigid core (SPC) works amazingly.

  • It is best suitable for Commercial and high traffic areas.
  • Its Water-proof capabilities make it perfect for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • It’s specially designed with business owners and commercial spaces in mind.
  • Attractive and sharp looks give modern and stylish looks to your business place.
  • Spc is best for pet owners due to its less slippery, solid, and sturdy structures.
  • DIYers: Most likely, you won’t need to rip out your existing subfloor. Just interlock and float your rigid core vinyl over your existing surface.
  • A rigid Core floor can be installed over most uneven subfloors.

Benefits of SPC Vinyl Flooring

  • Water-proof
  • Stable at any temperature
  • Numerous varieties of looks, textures, and styles.
  • Offer Lifeproof flooring installation
  • Required DIY Installation, no glues, and extra tools required.
  • The easy click-lock installation system
  • A thicker plank will give you more comfort underneath the foot.
  • Less noisy
  • Easy to clean & maintain

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